Quality Assurance

Our Quality Guarantee

Only top quality sprinkler installers can offer customers the assurance of an internationally recognized quality control system.

We are amongst the few in our industry capable of not only delivering quality but also proving at independent audits that we are delivering quality and constantly improving our services to our customers.

BS EN ISO 9001:2015

As part of our continuing quest for the best quality for our business and its customers our ISO 9001 status has recently been upgraded to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and our new registration certificate is available by clicking on the picture.

You can be assured our own high-quality standards are being driven even higher by the latest stringent requirements and we will be pleased to deliver our customers the very best service and quality available.

See a copy of our AAC ISO 9001 Certificate

What Does It Mean To The Customer?

Our quality scheme is your assurance that our company is a professional organization with a proven track record of delivering the service offered on time, on budget and as design requirements.

You don’t need to take the risk of paying an installer who may not perform as you thought they should.

You know that you will be dealing with competent professionals who have specific systems in place to deal with you as a customer precisely and accurately throughout your project from initial enquiry through to certification at completion.

Complete peace of mind.

Water Mist Systems Accreditation

We are now fully third party certified for the installation of Dualmist systems. Working to the British Standards of BS8489 Part 7:2016 (Light Commercial) and BS8458:2015 and we can offer design and installation on all system types; Commercial, Residential and Domestic.

Working with IFC Group (International Fire Consultants) we have demonstrated our ability to design and install systems to the highest quality standards and are proud to be one of a small group of installers within the UK to have such level of certification.

See a copy of our IFCC 3197 Certificate.


If you select a business who doesn’t have a recognised quality system it may mean:-

  • They lack a method of ensuring you will get any quality control in your project.
  • They go about their business in a hap hazard fashion without coordinating their processes.
  • They have no one looking at them independently to see they are providing a good quality service.
  • There is no process for dealing with you when you complain about the poor quality of delivery of your order.
  • They let you down you have no recourse against them and no one else will know they did you a poor job.
  • Their next customer may suffer the same fate as you too.

FIRAS Certification

Our work on domestic and residential fire sprinkler design and installation is certified by FIRAS – a certification scheme for companies installing fire protection systems.

Our FIRAS Domestic and Residential Certification is still further assurance of our quality.

The firas brochure states:-

“FIRAS certification provides assurance to construction industry end users /regulators that if a FIRAS certificated contractor is appointed, the work will be carried out correctly, in accordance with industry standards and material / product manufacturer requirements to provide the required fire protection rating for the building as intended by the specifiers.”

Building regulations minimum requirements

The building regulations state that any installer of fire sprinkler systems should have third party accreditation such as FIRAS.

We are able to provide accreditation for you as we are one of the select few in the industry adequately qualified to offer this accreditation. Please be aware that without this your building control officer is empowered under section 0.14 of approved document B to refuse certification from an unqualified installer.

You should be aware that an unqualified installer may have unsatisfactory design, installation and quality control which may be why they cannot offer you the security of certification.

In a recent survey, 96% of customers questioned said
they would recommend Nationwide Fire Sprinklers


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