Over the last four years we have designed, developed and patented our own unique A-TACS (Automatic Test And Control System) product.

The sophisticated A-TACS unit is housed in a neat, unobtrusive, wipe clean enclosure which contains all the monitoring devices and the brains of the system including the SMS technology used to constantly send diagnostic reports back to our control centre.

The web based system allows our operators to instantly see the status of all our monitored fire sprinkler installations throughout the country.

We are immediately informed of any events  such as activations, loss of mains power, unexpected flow switch movements and can take the appropriate actions required.

In the event of an sprinkler activation, the system will automatically contact a dedicated team of service engineers and “first responders” who will contact you immediately and assess the situation. As a result of this we can liaise with emergency services to ensure that your property is fully protected 24 hours per day,  7days per week, 52 weeks per year.

Some features include,

  • We get regular reports back from each unit telling us it has completed its own automatic test confirming it is in full working order.
  • The home owner also gets these regular reports automatically.
  • We can dial in remotely and set it into auto test if our customer thinks there might be a problem.
  • The system tells us straight away if someone removes the power supply or tampers with the controls.
  • The system runs the fire pump (where fitted) to help prevent long term seizing which manufacturers cannot guarantee against and will inevitably occur on  such items (regular self testing of pumps is now required in all installations).
  • In the event of a fire the A-TACS will send both the owner and our monitoring facility an emergency message so that we can react and call in the emergency services.

Follow the story over the coming weeks…

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