National Fire Chiefs Council issue Positions Statement on Automatic Water Suppression Systems.

The NFCC – The professional voice of the UK Fire & Rescue Service have issued a “Position Statement” on Automatic¬†Water Suppression Systems.


Automatic Water Suppression Systems

NFCC wants to see a greater inclusion of Automatic Water Suppression Systems (AWSS) in the
built environment in the UK.
As part of an appropriate package of fire safety measures, sprinklers will save lives, protect
property, reduce the impact of fire on the environment and support UK PLC by reducing the
interruption to business. Increased adoption of AWSS will also assist search and rescue
operations and reduce the risk to firefighters, by restricting the development of a fire.
More widespread use of AWSS will be beneficial in nearly all buildings but in particular, NFCC
want to see an increase in use of sprinklers in housing for vulnerable persons, care facilities,
high rise accommodation, large volume warehousing, factories, car parks and waste and
recycling facilities.
This will be achieved by working with partners to demonstrate the benefits, provide the evidence
and advise politicians, developers, designers and the public of the benefits of AWSS. There is
already clear evidence of these benefits shown in published national and international research.

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