Automist Smartscan

Its here! The new intelligent Automist Smartscan has a rotating head that scans the area, identifies the highest heat source and then directly targets the fire with a powerful jet of water mist.

The system has been shown to achieve the same performance as residential fire sprinklers but uses 90% less water.

This extinguishes the fire and results in far less water damage to the surrounding area. Automist Smartscan has been tested by independent third parties against BS9252 & BS8458.

The system passed the same performance criteria that are applied to conventional sprinkler systems even if the fire was near or far, shielded or ventilated.

NFS can supply and fit Automist Smartscan systems now. See more details by clicking link Automist Smartscan

Source: Automist Smartscan the smart water mist system.

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