In January, Nationwide Fire Sprinklers were approached by Rob Leverton and Steve Marsh of Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service to help them create and equip a static fire sprinkler demonstration unit. Building on an existing good working relationship with DFRS, it was a pleasure to provide products and services to create a fully working sprinkler system to help them promote the real value of active fire suppression.

With Derbyshire Fire and Rescue acting as hosts for the National Fire Sprinkler Network (NFSN)’s Sprinkler Seminar on the 13th March, it was a perfect opportunity to showcase the new Joint Training Centre and also offer a full live fire sprinkler demonstration. A number of key speakers gave insightful views on such subjects as retro-fitting sprinklers into high rise accommodation, warehousing, schools and specialist housing.

The demonstration saw two almost identically converted shipping containers fitted out to replicate a single bedroom set alight – the key difference being that one of the “bedrooms” was fitted with a sprinkler system. In less than 2 minutes the sprinkler head activated within the first room and successfully extinguished the blaze. In this situation, not only would the sprinkler system served the primary purpose of saving life, but would have protected the property with minimal fuss and disruption. Taking a look at the images below, it is very easy to see the scale of the damage done by fire.

With personal thanks from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue’s Chief Fire Officer, Terry McDermott for our help and assistance, it was a great honour to be invited to share a very successful day with all the attendees of the NFSN’s Sprinkler Day.

Once again, Nationwide Fire Sprinklers show that we’re first for supporting our dedicated fire and rescue services.

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