Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) are the main set of regulations for managing the health, safety and welfare of construction projects.

On Monday 6 April 2015, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 replaced the 2007 Regulations. According to the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) website the changes can be described as follows.

1) Under the new regulations All projects (commercial and domestic) must have:

2) Project where more than one contractor is involved (domestic or non-domestic) must have 1 above plus:

  • principal designer and principal contractor must be appointed
  • a health and safety file
  1. If work is scheduled to:
  • last longer than 30 working days and 
  • have more than 20 workers working simultaneously at any point in the project
  • OR exceeds 500 person days

All of 1 and 2 above then:

  • Client must notify project to HSE

For further information, the HSE Industry Guidance document is available by clicking here, alternatively, the CITB website is a great source of information –




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