In February 2011 we reported on our main site about the new sprinkler legislation which was passed on the 16th February 2011 where new builds in Wales would have to be fitted with fire sprinklers, the new law applies to new houses , flats ,care homes and university halls of residence.

This is a major breakthrough for the use of sprinklers as Wales is the first country in the world to introduce this requirement, and means that new homes in Wales will be safer than in the past. There is currently an e-petition on the HM Government Website which has been created to hopefully ensure that the same legislation can be passed in this country.

We are promoting and raising awareness of the e-petition as this could be a major step towards ensuring the safety of new housing and dwellings in the future in the UK.

If you would like to give your support please follow the link :

The current closing date for signatures is 08-08-2012.

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