Domestic Sprinkler Extinguishing Chip Pan Fire

This clip, produced by the Fire Protection Association, forms part of the tests undertaken by the FPA for the Department of Communities and Local Government. It clearly shows the effectiveness of a standard residential sprinkler head operating at 49 litres/minute. Any system installed to BS 9251: 2014 will have the same effect, obviously the operating time will depend on the distance of the sprinkler head from the stove and the height of the ceiling.

The FPA’s own commentary is:

  1. Kitchen with single sprinkler is supplied at 49 l/min
  2. Test configuration – chip pan fire with access to tea towel on top of cooker that can then propagate if unchecked to involve the wooden kitchen units taking room to eventual flashover
  3. Chip pan left on stove to point of Auto Ignition
  4. Sprinkler activated on bulb break
  5. Initial flare up noted but quickly subsides
  6. At critical point of heat removal from pan the fire goes out
  7. Damage survey at end of video – tea towel damage, but units and surroundings unaffected
  8. An ideal save!

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