Braithwaite House off Old Street is one of Islington’s 126 tower blocks. Last year, cladding was urgently stripped from the building after it emerged it was similar to that used on Grenfell Tower. Picture: Tom Horton

Islington Council has been advised to consider sprinkler systems for all 126 of its high-rise housing blocks.

Source: Sprinklers recommended for all 126 of Islington tower blocks – but work would cost tens of millions

A town hall committee has made the recommendation in a draft report about the safety of the council’s housing stock. It was commissioned in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster in June last year.

But the report, by Islington’s housing scrutiny committee, said there would also be a familiar hitch: money.

The cost of installing sprinklers could be nearly £100million, the committee said. To put that in context, Islington has been forced to propose £32million of cuts in its planned budget for 2018/19 due to central government funding slashes.

In all, the council’s 126 high-rises – defined as six storeys or over – contain 6,200 flats.

The committee, which is chaired by Finsbury Park Cllr Mick O’Sullivan, said in the report: “The committee would support the installation of sprinklers in all council blocks over six storeys in height, which equates to approximately 18 metres.

“However, the committee also appreciates the significant cost of sprinkler systems, and technical and operational challenges related to asbestos removal, water pressure, providing access, resident acceptance of trunking/boxing, and ongoing maintenance.

“Officers advised that the indicative cost of installing sprinklers in blocks of 10 storeys and above could be anywhere between £43m and £97m, and it is noted that the government has ruled out providing funding for these works.

“It is suggested that the council review the feasibility of installing sprinklers, the anticipated cost of the works, and model the financial impact of the works on other aspects of the housing service.”

Several other London councils, such as Croydon, Waltham Forest, Enfield and Wandsworth, have already decided to fit sprinkler systems on high-rise blocks.

Meanwhile, the committee also suggested installing individual sprinklers for the properties of known hoarders.

However, funding for this may be easier to come by. The council could apply to London Fire Brigade’s fire safety investment fund, which provides preventative equipment to vulnerable people.

The report will be discussed at a meeting of the housing scrutiny committee at the town hall on Tuesday next week.

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