Sprinklers installed in homes ‘save lives’By Burton Mail

Posted: July 05, 2016 By Andrew Musgrove

There have been calls to install sprinklers into all newly built houses Comments a trial which has seen sprinkler systems installed in homes across Derbyshire to deal with fire has proved successful after saving several lives.

Since 2013 bosses at Derbyshire County Council and Derbyshire Fire and Rescue have placed ‘portable misting systems’ into homes across the county with the council match funding the project to the cost of £60,000.

The systems have been placed in 34 properties at high risk of fire including young people, old people and those with mental health or mobility problems.Figures show that nine fires have been recorded with potential fatalities being avoided due to the project.

The sprinklers are installed in the room at the highest risk and will extinguish any blaze if activated.Latest figures suggest the cost of a fire death is approximately £1.8 million and so the council believes this initiative has potentially helped to save millions of pounds.

Source: Sprinklers installed in homes ‘save lives’ | Burton Mail