Cost of Domestic Sprinklers

One of the commonest questions our Sales Team get asked is “how much will domestic sprinklers cost?”. Many people are often surprised when they do not get a “pounds and pence” answer immediately but are then themselves asked if they could provide us with a copy of plans for the property to allow us to accurately cost their project.


Simply put, your sprinkler system is unique and in order to accurately price the project we would need plans of the property. This would allow us to then work out –

  • The size of the property
  • Which rooms, stairwells, cupboards will need sprinkler protection
  • How many sprinkler heads are required
  • The pressure and flow requirements of the water (to ensure that the sprinkler system will deliver the correct amount of water for the correct amount of time at the correct pressure)
  • Does the system need a pump and what size
  • Will the system have any water storage, if so what are the tank requirements

Each of these items has an associated cost and consequently, your price is bespoke to your requirements. It is also worth bearing in mind that all our projects are designed and installed to the British Standard (BS 9251:2014) based on accurate calculations to ensure that the system will “detect and control a fire at an early stage of development and activate an alarm” [© BS 9251:2014]

Typical Sprinkler Costs

We appreciate that customer undergoing projects that require the installation of sprinklers will need some form of indicative costs for high level budgets. As a rough price guide we offer the following for information purposes only;

  • Partial Systems prices from £1100.00
  • Full sprinkler systems from £1100.00 new build, £2400 retro install
  • Apartments/shared flats from £500.00

As mentioned above, there are many variables we have to consider when costing your project, therefore, the figures above are guide prices only. Send your details through to [email protected] and one of our team will be happy to talk through your project requirements.

In summary, in order to ensure you get a fire sprinkler system which will meet your requirements please ensure you appoint a suitably qualified installer. Look out for third-party accreditation such as FIRAS, which demonstrates the installers’ work is certified and will perform that vital function should it ever be called upon to do so.

Remember – Sprinklers Save Lives.

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