Amended Building Regulations require fire sprinklers in all buildings above 11mt high.

Following the tragedy of Grenfell government were finally moved to listen to the whole fire sector who had been warning of further deadly fires following the events at Lakenal house and others where people in high rise buildings died due to external spread of fire.
It seems to take a disaster to make things happen, just as was the case in the Zeebrugge ferry disaster, but at least in the future new built medium and high rise dwellings will have a much better level of safety with the delivery of an 11 metre mandatory sprinklers rule ,along with addressing the cladding defects.
The decision for mandatory sprinklers was long overdue , and was delayed deliberately by those in the construction sector who did not want the additional costs of suppression systems. and lobbied the government (all parties) , the BRE and other interested organisations to attempt to delay or defeat the proposals to add life saving suppression systems.
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