A-TACS 4 – Automatic Test And Control System

Nationwide Fire Sprinklers unique A-TACS auto testing system is the only product on the market that meets the new auto testing requirements. Not available anywhere else!

Here at Nationwide Fire Sprinklers, we are proud to offer our unique A-TACS (automatic test and control system) – the complete fire sprinkler solution for all our fire sprinkler customers.

You can be certain your sprinkler system will work with A-TACS.

Our world-wide exclusive sprinkler management system is complete with on-board monitoring for extra safety and security. This revolutionary product reduces the need for unnecessary callout visits and reduces the risk of failure when the system is needed most.

A-TACS fire sprinkler monitoring unit

Some of A-TACS features include:-

  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Real time localised alerts
  • Loss of Mains power alert
  • Flow switch testing
  • Priority demand shut off valve testing
  • Manual system test facility
  • Auto flow test every 28 days
  • Activation alarm to occupants
  • Loss of water supply alarm
  • Made in Britain
  • Only 372mm long, 198mm high and 172mm deep

A-TACS On-board Monitoring

Representing a significant hardware and software investment, Nationwide Fire Sprinklers are proud to be at the forefront of the fire suppression industry. A-TACS 4 represents the pinnacle of a five-year design and development project.

The revolutionary A-TACS system uses state of the art module processing technology to carry out scheduled checks.

The system allows owners to instantly see when any units are working beyond normal parameters such as activation, loss of mains power, unexpected flow switch operation etc and as such can intervene to ensure that the system remains fully operational.

In the event of an activation, the system will automatically alert you so you can assess the situation.

As a result of this, you can then liaise with the emergency services to ensure that you and your property are fully protected – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year.

Our latest version, A-TACS 4, provides an unrivalled level of localised communication with clear and simple fault displays which are easy to understand.

Resetting from fault conditions is now a simple operation and maintains the whole system keeping it live and functional at all times.

Download A-TACS Info Sheet

Also see details of our  A-VENT Smoke ventilation System which integrates with the A-TACS

“Domestic sprinklers, A-TACS & A-VENT have helped us get through building control so easily, it’s such a good idea and has allowed our project to move forward”
Will & Kate

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