Water Mist Systems for Hotels

Background and Risks

Many international hotel chains have all of their stock protected by active fire suppression. This has historically been by using fire sprinklers, but the emerging technology of water mist systems for hotels has given rise to opportunities to save significant space, cost, and versatility of design.

Hotels have some specific higher risk areas, the most obvious being the commercial kitchens, less obvious perhaps are the customers bedrooms where despite no smoking rules, some occupants ignore these bans.

Fire Suppression Solutions

Nationwide Fire offers a range of fire suppression systems and can select from these options the best solution for your hotel project. Our water mist nozzle products are all tested and approved by the BRE Global accreditation service. Our product is the only watermist nozzle listed which is made in the UK.

Water mist systems are ideal and work well for hotels and similar applications where space does not permit larger water tanks and pump houses needed for sprinkler systems.
Typically around 30% of what would be required for tank space for sprinklers is needed for our water mist system.


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Our Unique Water Mist Nozzles

Our stylish flat head nozzles are ceiling mounted and have a decorative bezel to enhance the attractive appearance.

Our alternative pyramid style nozzles can be exposed or they can have the decorative white cover caps fitted.

Both styles have been tested and approved for use with the relevant British Standard at the BRE (building research establishment)

Our nozzles each cover an area 133% larger than commercial sprinklers are permitted to cover, so there are less ceiling mounted items and less water needed for the system to operate in hotels

Benefits of Hotel Water Mist Systems

Water mist systems also result in lower application of water into a hotel fire situation allowing for easier clean up operations following an event. Less down time and disruption to the normal activities of the hotel.

Our low pressure systems are relatively economical to design and install needing less expensive plant than high pressure systems and thus less maintenance costs ongoing.

We use equipment that is easily available for replacement and serviceable by the wider industry so there is less difficulty in obtaining spares, thus avoiding the problems some users experience with specialist companies who go out of business leaving no one able to deal with their system.

Water mist components are a little more expensive than sprinkler systems due to higher technology in the nozzles and pump systems, but on larger projects our systems meet or are more competitive and so are less than the cost of a sprinkler system overall.

Water Run Off

There are mounting environmental concerns with how contaminated water from fire fighting is dealt with.

With standard sprinkler systems there can be significant volumes of water used in a fire situation, this water has to go somewhere.
Run off into water courses or public drains is no longer acceptable and so developers and designers are going to be faced with more stringent requirements to cope with larger fires with solutions such as bunding to the property’s boundaries.
Once again then, the benefits of our water mist systems are that less water is used and so the volumes of contaminated water are significantly reduced.

Water Mist Systems Accreditation

We are fully third party certified for the installation of Dualmist systems. Working to the British Standards of BS8489 Part 7:2016 (Light Commercial) and BS8458:2015 and we can offer design and installation on all system types; Commercial, Residential and Domestic.

Working with IFC Group (International Fire Consultants) we have demonstrated our ability to design and install systems to the highest quality standards and are proud to be one of a small group of installers within the UK to have such level of certification.

See a copy of our IFCC 3197 Certificate.


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Telephone: 0800 028 9911
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