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What is a ‘Dry Riser’?

A ‘dry riser’ is a system of pipes and valves used to enable the Fire Services to distribute water to various levels of tall buildings as part of the fire suppression system.

The dry riser pipe has a connection for the fire department at ground level which is usually recessed into the outside of the building and protected in a wired glass or lockable metal box.

The fire brigade can then pump water through this external point of the dry riser to allow the firefighters to connect hoses where required on each level of the building.

dry riser diagram
dry riser cabinet

A dry riser is usually required wherever there is a floor over 18 metres above ground level or in low-level buildings with over 60m distance from entrances.

We offer design and installation of new Dry Riser Systems.

What is a ‘Wet Riser’?

A ‘wet riser’ is a water pipe kept constantly filled and pressurised. It is supplied by either a mains pump, a storage tank and pump or a mains pressure supply. Generally buildings above 60m high will have a wet riser. This can be identified from the outside as there will be no visible pipework or inlet for the fire brigade. With wet riser systems internal valves on landings stating ‘Wet Riser Outlet’ can be found, usually resembling taps. These can also be protected inside wired glass or lockable metal boxes. 

We offer a complete design and installation of new Wet Riser Systems.


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