Fire Protection for residential blocks

Over the years we have been asked by many councils and social housing providers to install fire suppression systems into high-rise residential towers and a large number of low-rise dwellings and HMOs.

Whilst working for Chesterfield Borough Council as an example, the low rise and HMOs, in particular, had a high percentage of less able and vulnerable residents.

We know from experience that the appointment of a dedicated Tenant Liaison Officer to be a single point of contact for tenants to any worries or concerns about the installation is always a great step towards a successful installation.

Understanding residents’ issues and accommodating these (by updating our plans and finding a solution that met the project needs) we successfully installed into multiple properties without ever a single resident complaint. 

We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that all project stakeholders are happy with the quality of service they receive. 

Chesterfield Borough Council is one of many councils taking proactive steps towards providing complete assurance to their tenants by installing fire sprinklers throughout a wide range of building types. The extensive programme will continue to run until all designated buildings have been protected. (


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