Our Fire Sprinkler Demonstration Unit

Nationwide Fire Sprinklers are committed to raising awareness of the benefits of fire protection systems.

We believe that nothing demonstrates the strength of sprinklers more than seeing one in action – hence why we developed our portable Fire Sprinklers Demonstration Unit.

Our unit has undergone a full refit to contain a fully operational fire sprinkler system. Featuring a housed pump unit, a modest sized tank and 2 ceiling mounted sprinkler heads, it is a self-contained single “room” (albeit with only 3 sides) – perfect for showing how quickly fire can spread and how the heat soon develops.

Once the fire is set in a small metal crib, due to the mini-system being designed to meet the criteria of British Standard BS9251:2021 and sprinkler heads spaced at the appropriate distance, only one head activates and only activates at the point that the heat reaches above 68C.

The familiar “popping” sound follows as the metal cap from within the sprinkler is released, the pump kicks in and the water soon deluges onto the burning seat of the fire.

With proud association to several Fire & Rescue Services (many of whom have utilised the demonstration  unit) and with some great support from our sponsors we are able to continue to show many people the true benefits of fire suppression, in an engaging and memorable way.

The Fire Sprinkler Demonstration Unit is available for hire by fire and rescue professionals. Additionally, it may be possible for us to attend your event. Contact us directly by email to find out more –  [email protected]


With many thanks to our sponsors – BAFSA, Applications Engineering, IPS, Reliable.

Trailer artwork and wrap by Blueprint Nottingham.

Recent Sprinkler Seminar Feedback

Recently we had the pleasure of participating in a fire sprinkler seminar courtesy of Tyne and Wear Fire & Rescue Service .

We had great weather for showing off our sprinkler demonstration unit, and we hopefully impressed the 60 guests who attended.

There’s nothing more impressive than seeing just how fast a sprinkler will respond to fire and how effective they are.

We received some very positive and welcomed feed back from John Baines BA (Hons) MIFireE, Assistant Chief Officer.

*National Fire Sprinkler Network Report 2017


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