The London Fire Brigade wants all blocks over 18 metres to have sprinklers retrofitted

We believe they are vitally important’: London Fire Brigade video shows effect sprinklers have on a fire

Source: Firefighters release video showing difference sprinklers make

London Fire Brigade (LFB) has released a video showing the difference that a sprinkler system can make to how a fire takes hold of a room.

Firefighters are calling for landlords and local authorities to retrofit sprinklers in all high rise blocks and care homes – and for the systems to be fitted as standard in schools in future.

The plea comes after Waltham Forest Council pledged to fit sprinklers in all 61 of its high priority blocks.

LFB’s assistant commissioner for fire safety, Dan Daly, said: “Sprinklers are the only system which detects a fire, suppresses a fire and raises the alarm and we believe they are vitally important as part of a package of fire safety measures, particularly in buildings where there are vulnerable people such as care-homes and schools.

“We have long been campaigning about the benefits of sprinklers, which save lives and property and also improve firefighter safety.”

LFB wants all blocks over 18 metres to have the “vitally important” safety measure.

In November, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called for the government to set aside £1 billion to fit sprinklers in all social housing tower blocks following the Grenfell tragedy .

What London Fire Brigade is calling for

• All new residential developments over 18m in height to be fitted with sprinklers
• Existing residential blocks over 18m in height should be retrofitted with sprinklers
• Sprinklers to be mandatory in all new school builds and major refurbishments
• All new residential care homes and sheltered accommodation to be fitted with sprinklers
• Existing residential care homes and sheltered accommodation to be retrofitted with sprinklers

The Brigade also strongly advocates the use of sprinklers in:

• All homes occupied by the most vulnerable in our communities
• All other residential properties including hotels, hostels and student accommodation, over 18m in height
• All new London Fire Brigade buildings

Mr Daly continued: “Waltham Forest Council proves that it’s possible to retrofit sprinklers and more boroughs and housing owners should follow their lead to protect their most vulnerable residents, including those with mobility issues.”

The Brigade said it will also continue to promote the installation of sprinklers in heritage buildings, basements and large warehouses.

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