Water Mist Systems in Offices

Office spaces are often open plan and/ or interconnected so that in a fire event the extent of smoke damage can prevent the building from being used for a considerable time following  the extinguishment of the fire.

Any active suppression system will put water onto the area of origin so what’s the difference between sprinklers and water mist?

A sprinkler system will activate a number of sprinklers near to the seat of the fire, and, dependent upon the speed of growth of the fire, this could be as many as 8 sprinklers activating all at once.

Sprinklers are very effective, not least because systems are designed to have several sprinklers all activating at once, to fight the fire situation but the down sides are the volume of water sprayed into the area of origin, which percolates through to the floors below causing water damage.

The serious smoke damage that can be spread around the whole floor or even the whole building, making it impossible to reinstate office working until a full clean up has been carried out.


Our Unique Water Mist Nozzles

Our stylish flat head nozzles are ceiling mounted and have a decorative bezel to enhance the attractive appearance.

Our alternative pyramid style nozzles can be exposed or they can have the decorative white cover caps fitted.

Both styles have been tested and approved for use with the relevant British Standard at the BRE (building research establishment)

Our nozzles each cover an area 133% larger than commercial sprinklers are permitted to cover, so there are less ceiling mounted items and less water needed for the system to operate in offices.

Benefits of Water Mist Systems in Offices

The benefits of using our water mist system then are less water is emitted and as it comes out as a fog rather than water droplets it both reduces the heat by the fog absorbing the hot air but also the fog “catches” the particulates from the fire bringing them down and thus causing significantly lower smoke damage in the room of origin and especially to any adjacent areas which may escape any smoke damage at all.

The other notable difference between water mist and sprinklers is that within just a few seconds of activation the water mist fog reinstates visibility in the area of origin ,making it much easier to evacuate , whereas with sprinklers visibility will remain poor until ventilation is provided to clear the smoke and steam.

Water mist technology is slightly more costly that sprinklers so the selection of which system to use should be based upon these water mist benefits.

  • Less water needed
  • Smaller water tank 
  • Smaller fire pump 
  • Less water damage
  • Greater visibility during a fire condition
  • Little or no smoke damage beyond the room of origin


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Water Mist Systems Accreditation

We are fully third party certified for the installation of Dualmist systems. Working to the British Standards of BS8489 Part 7:2016 (Light Commercial) and BS8458:2015 and we can offer design and installation on all system types; Commercial, Residential and Domestic.

Working with IFC Group (International Fire Consultants) we have demonstrated our ability to design and install systems to the highest quality standards and are proud to be one of a small group of installers within the UK to have such level of certification.

See a copy of our IFCC 3197 Certificate.


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